FlipTown - Management Group and Record Label
A1 was born in Mayfield, KY, but moved to Fulton, KY shortly after his parents’ divorce.  He is the only child of his mother and the older of his fathers’ two sons.  As a child his parents described him as smart and athletic.  They had no idea he was also musically and lyrically talented.  However, by the age of 12, when he wrote his first 16 verse rhyme, that would all change.
Throughout his early years at Fulton High School, A1 excelled in science as well as debate.  While maintaining good grades he began making music with his cousin J-Dub and two of his homeboys Supastar and Gwap.  But it was at the age of 16 when his cousin Kollege Boi found out he was rapping and brought him into their former group Bloodhound Ent (BHE).  That same year A1 performed his music live with BHE for the first time since he began pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper. 
In 2008, A1 enrolled at Murray State University majoring in Computer Science.  Although, he desired to obtain his college degree the idea of becoming a Hip Hop Artist was more attractive than a B.S. in Computer Science.  Because of this extreme attraction, he spent more time in the studio creating music than he did hitting the books.  He soon decided to leave school and pursue his lyrical dream full time.
Now, in 2011 at the age of 21 his dreams are coming to fruition.  A1 and his group Da Hit Squad, which consists of  3 other members: Kollege Boi, Unit, and Yung Chu, have signed to the new upcoming record label Fliptown Records.  They are currently preparing to release their first mixtape titled “The Take Over” in mid-October.
Fuck It
A 1
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