“Solo,” birth name Jeffery (Jeff) Johnson Jr., was born on March 18th 1986 in his hometown of Nashville Tennessee. As a young boy, he was raised by his father Jeffery Johnson Sr., a hardworking southerner with a good sense of discipline and morality. Barely middle class, Jeff was taught the value of hard work, as he lived the life of what he called “All work and no play” Though home life was hard for him, he was able to find his escape through school, or as he says “my own personal playground.” In school he was the center of attention, andwas able to find his way out of his bottled life at home. He attended East Middle Magnet School, Where he was introduced to acting and drama. He took part in many school plays and talent shows, and it wasn’t long before his talent would begin to evolve into something greater.  Growing up Jeff never thought about pursuing a career in music, he was more into graphic design and cartoon animation. But he eventually began to realize his natural talent with melody and rhythm. After losing his seat in the Magnet school circuit, he had no choice but to go public and began attending Stratford Comprehensive High School, where he began to develop his musical talents. He started writing and taking part in rap battles with other kids from school. By time he hit 18 he was making music on his own, working with Fruity loops which took him even farther in his interest of becoming a producer. Even though pursuing a musical career was unusual to his father and was pretty much shunned, he pushed on and followed his heart and has come a long way from performing in his high school talent shows, and is still continuing to grow and share his passion with his hometown and eventually the world. Solo has now set his main focus on artist development, studio engineering, and music production, all of which he will use in his arsenal to spearhead a new movement in good music.