FlipTown - Management Group and Record Label
Young Chu was born in Mayfield, KY, but later moved to Fulton, KY where he attended high school.  He has two older sisters, a younger sister, and a younger brother.  Raised in a single-parent home, he was introduced to music by a few childhood friends Guni and M.B.A.C.  As a child some would say he was a bit mischievous but others would say he was flat out bad.
At the age of 12, Young Chu became interested in rapping, which is around the same time his behavior changed for the better.  However, it would be another five years before he wrote and performed his first rhyme.  After that exhilarating experience he immediately knew that on stage is where he belonged.  In 2007, he graduated high school and went on to pursue his lyrical career.
Influenced by the Notorious B.I.G., Young Chu makes sure his rhymes are relevant not to what others think is hip, but what is going on his life.  During his brief time on this earth he has learned patience and would like to watch his career develop at a steady pace. In 2011 he will get the chance to jumpstart his career as he and his group members, A1, Kollege Boi, and Unit have formed the new Hip Hop group Da Hit Squad.  They have recently signed to the new upcoming label Fliptown Records and are preparing to release their first mixtape titled “Hit Squad Mixtape” in mid-October.
Star Life
Young Chu
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